Magicians Create Wonder & Awe

Whether you are looking for funny magic show for a lighthearted business lunch or mind-bending stunts for a suspense-filled gala event, teaming up with an illusionist for your company occasion will certainly give one of the most unique pieces to your celebration.

San Francisco Magician Mike Toy Private Party EntertainmentIllusionists provide a huge range of methods that particularly attract both big groups as well as tiny teams. You just need to pick the kind of magic that satisfies your conference style.

Should I Hire a Magician?

If you’re thinking of hiring a magician for your event, here are some things to keep in mind and help you in your search for hiring the best San Francisco magician:

Is the magic show unique?

Business conferences have the tendency of looking even more standard, repetitive types of entertainment which, while producing a positive environment, will certainly not be the core of an awesome conference. Magic appeals to everyone’s love of magic and you’ll hear “AAAHHH”throughout the whole show. This combination of mesmerized delight and wonder can’t be offered by any other magician than Toy Toy.

Is the magician’s show interactive?

It is difficult to discover a program out there which will certainly entail real communication and interaction betweenSan Francisco Magician Mike Toy Corporate Event Entertainment the entertainer as well as the guests. A magician needs support from everyone in attendance to increase the energy levels in the room after a long day of conferences and keynote speakers.

Magic is perfect for employees and CEOs

Stressed to hire the perfect entertainment which engages everyone in the company from CEO down? Toy is the best around because his magic shows are clean, filled with comedy, interactive and no one is ever offended or embarrassed. However, no one is forced into participating in the show.

How to Hire a Magician

Before hiring an illusionist, you must guarantee you have actually done comprehensive research on their qualifications. Toy Toy has performed for countless organizations (see them here) in San Francisco and beyond.

If you’d like to hire Toy Toy to perform at your next event, please click here.

You could go to one of those directory websites where they have all sorts of magicians ranging in prices from $150 to $200, but high-quality entertainment is like a car – You get what you pay for.

Nah – that’s not the right way to hire a magician. The right way to hire a magician is to call him (415-488-6453) and tell him about your event, what your goals are, and see how he can help.